Moringa FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Download The Free Moringa Manual?

Create a Login to Teachable and Download Free Moringa Manual Here.

Can I Join the Grow Moringa Collective From Another State?

Yes, Join the Collective from anywhere in the world, become a member today. The Plans & Pricing are available Here.

What is Certification?

The Grow Moringa Collective consists of Grower Members selling their moringa trees and products.

Fulfillment By Members. As a way to ensure the highest quality moringa on the market, we created a certification process to sell your moringa at GrowMoringa.Shop

Become A Grow Moringa Certified Member Here.

How Do I Become Certified?

Get Instant Access to 'Grow Moringa, The Ultimate Guide - A Complete Grower's Manual & Farmer's Certification Course'.

Certification consists of quizzes, an examination and individual certifications to sell particular items through GrowMoringa.Shop as a Certified Member.

Start the process of becoming Grow Moringa Certified Member Here.

Can I Join the Collective Membership Without Becoming a Certified Grower?

Yes, there's no obligation to become a Certified Grower or to fulfill orders for the Grow Moringa Collective if you are a member. Become a Member.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Member?

Becoming a member of the Grow Moringa Collective comes with a myriad of benefits. Membership offers the ability to become a Certified Grower and to be able to fulfill for the Grow Moringa Collective.

Ask questions in the members area and get advise from members from all over the world.

Have a more localized question or need local support? Another benefit of membership is being able to talk to other member growers in your area.

Would you like to talk to Kendrick? In the members area Kendrick does live Zoom calls every week, open to all members to answer questions and go over what's happening in the World of Moringa.

Become a Member Here.

How Would I Find Out Who in My Area is Part of The Grow Moringa Collective?

You are able to find what members are near you by going to Chapter Locations in the Grow Moringa Members Area.

Alternatively we have some of our Member Partners on our Moringa Map.

Moringa FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I watch The Full Length Daily LIVE Webinars?

The Full Length Daily LIVE Webinars are in the members area. We have webinars on every topic every day. Join any of the LIVE Webinars as a member. Sign-up Here.

Can I Grow Moringa in an Apartment? Or Indoors?

Yes, normally in the ground moringa loves full sun, but in a pot, indoors, use a grow light and a fan. More info on our YouTube Channel, use the search bar to view specific titles. Watch Here.

How Do I Set My Price?

Use GrowMoringa.Shop as a guide in pricing your items and compare the cost of retail items, wholesale and subscription plans.

How Soon Can I Make Money From Moringa?

Moringa Can Sprout from seed and you could make your first harvest within 45 days. Sell Moringa Micro-greens as a fresh product at the farmers market within 45 days.

Grow moringa very close together on a large raised bed or row and harvest young seedlings every 45 days. 'Pop the Tops' every 45 days for a fresh greens harvest.

Learn how to grow moringa, in all 3 methods. Start with Intensive Method, an annual bed of moringa seedlings.

Then establish a Hedge, a living fence of moringa trees, while at the same time, establish an Orchard Style Moringa Operation and grid your property with moringa trees.

Not to mention, you can make an income from the moringa tree industry as a whole and support other moringa farmers.

Buy, sell and trade moringa material from other members.

See how much money you can make from moringa. Earn moringa money from selling your product at the farmers market.

How Much is the Cost to Start a Moringa Farm?

It'll cost about $2,000 dollars to cultivate an acre, but you can generate approximately $10,000 an acre depending on the intensity of your operation.

For more answers and clarity Become a Member.

How many trees do I need to plant to make a living from Moringa?

20,000 trees an acre with 500 orchard trees and 19,500 seedling trees for different purposes.

This would be a good place to start. If you are a member of the Grow Moringa Collective and near a harvester you can make $10/kilo from having your trees leaves harvested. The more work you are willing to put into the processing, the more money you will be able to make on your moringa.

There are tons of variables in what making a living from moringa means to different people and what it would take from different people to achieve. Joining our members area will give you a better idea and personalized solutions and answers to questions like these. 

Can I speak with Kendrick directly?

Kendrick genuinely would love to speak with you about your project or operation. The Grow Moringa Farm is open to the public to visit and walk around Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

He's also available every weekday via live Zoom call in our members area. Sign-up Here.

Moringa FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if My Order of Moringa Trees Arrive Damaged?

When you order from Here the package of moringa trees also comes with 10 free seeds so you can grow more trees right away. Read the Planting Instructions

And If your trees arrive damaged, first cut the broken stems off completely and care for the root-ball or tuber. Give it some water and Sun.

Plant the root-ball or tuber in a small pot or cup that has several holes in the bottom for drainage.

Fill the pot with sandy-well draining organic soil. Then place the root-ball or tuber in the sandy-soil and cover slightly.

Just because the stem is broken, doesn't mean the tree will not grow a new stem nor that it is dead. Give it a little time to re-grow an entire new stem.

After some time, if you're still not seeing any sign of new growth (depending on the time of year) contact us for a replacement.

Will You Buy My Moringa?

The Grow Moringa Collective consists of wholesalers and retailers. Find buyers and market your moringa in the members marketplace right away, join here.

To get a sales contract, as a consistent grower/seller, supply Grow Moringa with a heavy metals soil test then send results. Email: [email protected]

First complete the certification process and read 'Grow Moringa, The Ultimate Guide - A Complete Grower's Manual and Farmer's Certification Course' only available inside the members area.

The Grow Moringa Collective can only purchase moringa from certified members.

What Do I Get From You Harvesting My Trees?

If you need help trimming your moringa trees, contact a member near you and schedule a harvest.

At the time of your appointment, the harvester can provide you with compensation of $USD or in a trade of Moringa Products, based on the weight of your moringa material.

Payout is determined by weight of your moringa material. Each harvesters prices for payout vary slightly. On average you can get about $10/kg of dry weight.

Example: What will you get from 1 tree. One of your Trees may harvest about 50lbs of wet/fresh greens, that converts to about 10lbs dry weight (1/5), which converts to about 5kg of dried greens. So that's worth about ($10/kg) or $50 in your pocket.

Or get a trade in products, either the ones directly made from your tree/s. Talk more directly with the harvester and work out a deal with them at the time of harvest.

Or use a harvest voucher to get anything worth the amount of your harvested weight at GrowMoringa.Shop.

Harvest Vouchers are provided by the harvester at the time of weighing your harvest on site.

Moringa FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Moringa in Bulk or Wholesale?

All Items and their prices can be found at GrowMoringa.Shop

Purchase moringa in bulk or wholesale directly from any of our members on the Moringa Map.

How Do I Grow Moringa?

Our entire YouTube Channel is dedicated to teaching you how to grow moringa. If you need more specific help or have any more questions Become a Member.

How Much Can I Make From Growing Moringa?

You can make a living selling moringa at the farmers market, known as a face-to-face sale under the cottage rule industry labeling practices.

The amount you can make is determined by the weight your trees produce.

The best way to make money from moringa is by selling the young trees or seedlings and also the seeds, then the oil.

Next, as your trees get bigger, sell the fresh leaves. Then, sell the dried leaves. Use a certified drying facility for safety. The least amount of processing the better. Selling powder and capsules requires more certifications.

Selling Moringa for Human Consumption Requires More Certifications.

Sell moringa as an animal food or as a plant food to maximize your barrier to entry into the moringa tree industry. That's why we have BioStimulant.

The amount of money you can make depends on 2 things. If you are doing some of the work, or if you have members doing all the work for you.

On average you can earn about $10/kg of dried material. Then up to $30/kg if you are doing all the steps at a certified facility.

Harvest trees yourself or hire a member to harvest for you. Then Schedule a Pick-up, either fresh greens pick-up or dried greens-pickup available.

Schedule Harvest, with a 'Blue Tree' Member on the Moringa Map.

You can make as much money as you can on your own earnings.

If you would like to sell through Grow Moringa's 'Fulfillment By Members' program and get paid-out at the time of a harvest by a certified member, then join here

How Many Moringa Trees Can I Grow On an Acre?

If you're wanting to grown full size moringa trees you can get about 200 to 300 per acre if you plant them in staggered rows 10 to 15 feet apart.

Here is a video explaining how to do the orchard style planting on a acre.

If you are looking to do a more intense operation you can get tens of thousands of trees on an acre if you plant an intensive bed to get more bio mass.

Here is a video explaining how to plant an intensive bed to get 100,000 moringa plants on one acre.

How Big Will My Moringa Get?

The moringa tree can reach 30ft tall. In the first couple of years it's good practice to keep your moringa trees shorter and bushy until it can hold the weight of the drumsticks and produce more of them. In the first two years it's good to trim them back and pop all the flowers off.

Here is a video about why and how to keep your moringa trees bushy.

I Live in a Cold Climate, Can I Still Grow Moringa Trees?

Moringa is a Tropical/Subtropical tree. In zones below 8b it will be difficult to keep your trees alive during winter. With that said, most areas will be able to grow moringa as a summer annual. At the end of the summer season pull out your short bushy trees and you'll have tubers you can sell or save for the next year.

Moringa FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all Moringa the Same?

There are 13 types of moringa. The most common, Moringa Oleifera, has several varieties like PKM1, MOMAX, etc.

If Ordering Online How do I Know for 100% certainty is is a quality product in every way?

You only know the quality if you take the time as a consumer to get to know your moringa farmer. I've been growing Moringa for 7 years in Tampa, FL.

Are Seeds the Best Method to Take Moringa?

The best way for you and me to take moringa could be different. Find out what is the best for you. The seeds are great to eat and have really great properties and some side-effects like "detoxing". The leaves are very popular for mineralizing and protein as well.

Is there Anything that Can Affect the Potency of Moringa at Any Stage of Growing or Harvesting? If so how can I know those things were Done on the Moringa I Order?

Much of the potency depends on the what's in the soil. If it's in the soil, it's in the leaves; whether it's good or bad. Moringa has a propensity to pull up heavy metals. The best way to know is to talk to your moringa farmer. My number is 813-567-3100.

How Does Moringa Grown in the US compare to Moringa Grown in It's Originating Atmosphere in property and effects?

Moringa can grow all over the world. Though the US is not it's home country, as long as it's in the soil and they have good drainage, the test and research findings occur all over the world. It's all about it's environment.

If I live somewhere that is cold for much of the year will my moringa tree thrive being inside for 6 months of the year?

You can bring them inside but they may not thrive as much as they would if grown outside.

Grow Moringa anywhere in the summer as a short bushy annual. Replant every summer.

What is the absolute best place to purchase seeds for consumption? Are they the same seeds for growing the trees?

The best place to purchase seeds for consumption are from me. I have been growing Moringa myself and have a lovely supply of moringa seeds. The particular ones I have are USDA certified organic from Nicaragua. I work directly with the farmer/owner. They are the same seeds you use to grow as well.

Is Moringa Toxic?

I haven't heard about the leaves being toxic to consume. As long as the soil doesn't have heavy metals, then the leaf and drumsticks would be safe (moringa can pull up heavy metals from the soil). The moringa root tubers, after a year, begin to form a skin and collect cyanide and arsenic naturally from the soil and store it in the root as a protective mechanism so bugs don't eat it. Don't eat the root after a year old. All domesticated foods come from wild foods that are toxic, apples, you know the tale, that's true even apples were toxic at some point in time. We've hybridized everything and reduced toxicity levels. Mostly everything we eat in the store was at some point toxic. Moringa has been hybridized thousands of years to become domesticated and safe to consume. The bark is only used on occasions to stop hemorrhaging from both ends if food poisoned. The leaves and drumsticks are the most nutritious plant to consume on land.