Starter Kit Supplies

4oz Biostimulant Bottles

For use in packaging biostimulant. Especially for Starter Kit orders.


Stainless Steel Food Grade Funnel. Different sizes for filling up the different size bottles. You can fill biostimulant and oil with these funnels.

4oz Biostimulant Bottle Bands

These are the bottle bands for the 4oz biostimulant bottles.

Heat Gun

For use in sealing PVC Bands around product bottles.

Thin Brown Shipping Paper

To wrap the trees together in groups of 5 for Starter kit.

Thick Brown Shipping Paper

Use this to wrap the whole tree up to protect the leaves and stems.

Tape Dispenser 2 Pack

To hold everything in place so it doesn't move in shipment and to close the box.

Shipping Tape

Shipping Tape for the Tape Dispenser.

Jiffy Pellets

1000 count 36mm bulk Jiffy pellets. To sprout the 10 trees for the Starter Kit.

Sandwich Bags

To package peat moss pellets and perlite in Starter Kit.


To be put in sandwich bag for Starter Kit.

Ounce and Gram Scale

Scale for ounces and grams. To weight the perlite in the Starter Kit. Can also be used to weigh moringa when packaging.

2x3" Plastic Baggie

For packing the 10count seeds.

Live Plant Stickers

Stick this on the outside of the box you ship in.

Seed Bag Labels

Labels for 10 count seed bags. Can also use these for the perlite and peat pellet labels. You'll need to use a label template to make the labels fit on these labels. The labels can be found in the shared members drive folders.

Packaging Supplies for Fresh Products

Ice packs
Cold Packs

For use in shipping drumsticks and fresh microgreens.

Thermal bags
Thermal Insulating Bags

For use in shipping drumsticks and fresh microgreens.

Food Grade Silica Packs
Silica Packs (Food Grade)

For use in shipping drumsticks and fresh microgreens. To keep the moisture out of the package.

Absorbent Pads

For use in packaging fresh greens and drumsticks.

Packaging Supplies

4oz Biostimulant Bottles

This is the biostimulant bottles for the starter kit boxes.

Herb Drying Rack

For use in drying moringa leaves before packaging.

1 Gallon Biostimulant Bottles

For use in packaging 1 gallon of biostimulant and oil.

4oz Amber Bottles with Dropper

For use with packaging oil or extract.

Stand Up Food Pouches

6.6"x9" For use packaging loose leaf moringa. Clear front.

1oz Amber Bottles with Dropper

For use packaging oil or extract.

Vacuum Seal Bags

11"x16" for packaging loose leaf.

Clear Plastic Bags

2"x3" Plastic bags for samples or seeds.

Stand Up Pouch

5.9"x8.6" White with clear slit for viewing product.

Vacuum Seal Bags

6"x10" Vacuum Seal Bags

48x28mm PVC Band

For use in sealing oil or extract bottles.
For smaller bottles.

Plastic Bags

8"x10" Plastic Bags. For use packaging seeds

8oz Biostimulant Bottle

For use in packaging biostimulant from bulk to smaller bottles.

16oz Biostimulant Bottle

For use in packaging biostimulant in 16oz containers.

86x28mm PVC Band

For use in sealing larger bottles for oil or capsules.

Vacuum Sealer

For use in vacuum sealing products. This one has the ability to seal without using the vacuum function.

1oz Aluminum Jars

48 count. For packaging products made with moringa i.e. salves.

32oz Biostimulant Bottle

For use in packaging biostimulant.

Supplies for Making Products from Moringa

Unbleached Coffee Filters

For use in filtering moringa oil

Baking Soda

For use in products made with moringa i.e. deodorant, soap.

Vegetable Glycerin

For use in making extract and tinctures.

Auger For Seed Hopper

For Use in Seed Hopper design for making Moringa Seed Oil.

Safety Supplies

Food Grade Disposable Gloves

Laytex free disposable gloves.

Scrubbing Pads

For use in cleaning your work area around the plants.

Hand soap

3 pack Mrs. Meyers hand soap for cleanliness.

Supplies for Growing Moringa


4 cubic feet. For Putting in peat pellets when growing seedlings.

Jiffy Peat Pellets

1000 ct Jiffy Peat Pellets for sprouting seedlings.

Bio Bags

Biodegradable bags as an alternative to peat pellets.

Packaging Labels

1.25x1.75" Labels

2x2.625" Labels

1.75x1.25" Labels

32 labels a sheet. For 10 count seeds.

1.5" Round Labels

Dram bottle labels.

2x4" Labels

Biostimulant Bottle Labels.

2.5" Round Labels

Oil and extract bottle labels.

Shipping Supplies

4"x6" Shipping Labels

6 rolls of Thermal Paper labels.

Shipping Tape

6 rolls. 1.88 inch width.

Tape Dispenser

2 pack.

Brown Shipping Paper Thick

Thick Brown Shipping Paper. For packing and shipping trees.

Brown Shipping Paper Thin

Thin brown shipping paper for wrapping trees.

Bubble Wrap

For use in shipping glass bottles. Comes with 20 "Fragile" labels.

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL

For use in printing 4"x6" shipping labels.

4"x5" Labels

4x5 labels for gallon bottles.

Live Plants Sticker

To put on packages containing trees or tubers.