New-Member Rewards Program

Once you're a member of the Grow Moringa Collective, you'll be able to earn 20% Cash Back from someone using your custom referral link.

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This referral link is different than your affiliate link. Affiliate link is for physical products, that's a 10% Cash Back on Moringa Products Purchased at


a website just for moringa products.

The Member Referral Program is specifically for New Members who signup using your custom referral link.

Once you're a member of The Grow Moringa Collective, you'll have access to a custom referral link to generate 20% cash back from new membership sign-ups.

When someone signs-up for membership using your custom link, you'll earn 20% each time they are scheduled to make a payment.

Example: Your friend signs up to become a member using your custom link, they decide to be a monthly member for $49/month. You'll earn $9.80 a month from Grow Moringa, every time your friend makes a payment and is an active member.

If you get 10 people to sign-up at yearly membership with your referral link that's $98 each sign-up, that would be $980 in your pocket. And you'd get $98 from each person if they continue to stay active each year after that. A residual source of income.

This members referral program is a great way for you to earn extra income from signing-up new members.

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