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Moringa has the propensity to pull up a broad range of heavy metals. Grow Moringa Requires an EPA accredited lab to handle and test your soil samples. This ensures our customers safety in the precision and accuracy of your metal analysis.

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The Grow Moringa Collective sends your results to an EPA laboratory for you to get the best results. Each soil test kit sent right to your door with shipping labels to send your soil to the laboratory. The test results arrive via email and are easy to read with a better understanding of the testing methods that were used, to get a more complex picture of your soil health.


Two-way shipping costs are included with purchase - the kit will arrive to your front door and then you'll mail your soil sample to the lab with the bo. Get your heavy metals report right from the comfort of your home in about two weeks.



The Grow Moringa Collective works with The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that concerns the classification and monitoring of heavy metals in households and waste.

When plants are grown for food, it is required to get a 'food grade' soil analysis looking at the soil around our living spaces.

This is the list of heavy metals, referred to as the RCRA 8, which provides a framework for the types of heavy metals to test for that can be potentially harmful.

The Grow Moringa Collective requires your location to have this test to sell your moringa as a certified moringa grower, provided here is a package test for the RCRA 8 metals, including:

Arsenic Barium

Cadmium Chromium

Lead Mercury

Selenium Silver